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Vertical and Depth Jumping Performance in Elite Athletes from Different Sports Specialties

By 6 de março de 2017No Comments
Fonte: Science & Sports, in press
Autores: Kobal R., Nakamura F. Y., Kitamura K., Abad C. C. C., Pereira L. A., Loturco I.

Differences were found between the power group and all other groups in all tested variables (P < 0.05) (e.g., countermovement jump in power [48.31 ± 6.25 cm], soccer [40.95 ± 2.95 cm], tennis [39.14 ± 4.27 cm] and endurance [32.37 ± 3.80 cm] athletes). In squat jump, countermovement jump and drop jump, the soccer and tennis groups presented higher heights than the endurance group (P < 0.05). In reactive strength index, no significant differences between the soccer, tennis and endurance groups were found, although these groups presented lower reactive strength index than the power group (power [2.31 ± 0.53], soccer [0.84 ± 0.13], tennis [0.76 ± 0.15] and endurance [0.91 ± 0.26])

The power athletes perform better than all groups in jumping tests. These data provide quantitative information concerning performance differences between athletes from different sports, reinforcing the need to assess the training status and the inherent characteristics of these subjects. Keywords: drop jumps, reactive strength index, track & field, muscle power.

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