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Fonte: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 37(5): 1104-1110, 2023.
Autores: Loturco, I., Fernandes, V., Bishop, C., Mercer, V. P., Siqueira, F., Nakaya, K., Pereira, L. A., Haugen, T.

We assessed the changes in sprint, jump, and power parameters across the annual training cycle and tested the longitudinal correlations among these variables in top-level sprinters. Thirteen sprinters training with four different Olympic sprint coaches were sequentially assessed over 14 months, from January 2019 to March 2020, within four consecutive training camps. Performance tests were conducted as follows: standing long jump, squat and countermovement jumps, 10- and 60-m sprint time, and maximum power output in the half-squat, jump-squat, and hip-thrust exercises. The competitive results of the sprinters throughout the study period were also recorded and analyzed. A repeated measures analysis of variance was used to compare the physical measurements between different testing sessions. A Pearson product-moment correlation was applied to examine the longitudinal relationships between changes in speed- and power-related parameters. Percentage change was computed and compared to CV values to determine whether changes in performance metrics were higher than the test variance, thus providing an indication of whether true changes occurred on an individual basis. Overall, sprinters did not exhibit significant changes in sprint speed, jumping ability, and power output. Additionally, variations in competitive times (i.e., 100-m races) followed a similar pattern, within an average range of ±1.36%, for both male and female sprinters. As expected, top-level sprinters presented only small variations in physical and competitive performance over time. Nevertheless, the use of an individual statistical technique (i.e., true changes calculation) revealed that these non-significant increases or decreases may represent meaningful changes in their competitive potential.

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